Bike Helmets for women that can protect them from road uncertainty.

If you are looking for a good protection as a biker then you must protect your head first. Aside from various padding that you usually wear on your body, one of the most critical parts which must be protected is your head. This is why there are various types of bicycle helmets designed especially for the women to give protection in case you even met an accident while indulging in your bike. Cycling is a passion but sometimes it is dangerous as well. In fact, you do agree that doctors may be able to fix broken bones but they might have a hard time dealing with a cracked skull or serious concussions which can result if you banged your head hard against a hard object after an accident, right?
Women helmet is slightly different from men’s helmet. As women’s hair is usually long then most men, their helmet should have convenient place for their long pony tail hair. Also there is an anatomical difference between the head structure of men and women. So what about women bikers now a days?
There is different types of helmet that can give much protection to your head. Most of the women are reasonably use road helmet, these are user friendly, and allows maximum cooling comfort to the head.
Let’s see three types of helmets that provides maximum protection for the women bikers.

Road helmets
This is, by far, the most popular bicycle helmet being worn by cycling enthusiasts you normally see on the road. These types of bicycle helmets are characterized by their rather elongated shape with plenty of vents to allow for maximum cooling comfort to the head. Companies like Kask Mojito, Lazer Helium are now creating most innovative helmets for women that can justify the skull shape and provide adjustable band for women bikers. Their aerodynamic design helps the cyclist cut through the air drag more quickly, while their thickly foamed interior lining which is usually made of expanded polystyrene gives them adequate protection from sudden impacts which may result from an accident.

Commuter Helmets
This type of bicycle helmet somewhat resembles road helmets except for the fact that they are more rounded and is designed for use by casual cyclists. Commuter helmets are a good alternative for those who do not want to buy the more expensive road helmets. But not because of this, bikers use this for reliability and visibility. Brands like Torch T1, Bell Presidio are providing low cost helmets for the light commuter bike users specially women. Especially the Torch T1.

Mountain Bike Helmets
Another type of bicycle helmet which can give you adequate protection is the mountain bike helmets. These helmets are designed for cross country cycling and give the wearer an enhanced protection in the rear and a visor to protect the eyes of the cyclist against the glare of the sun.
There are other types of bicycle helmets which can give your head the adequate protection it needs during a bad fall. Like the brand new MONTRA MIPS, AMARE II are women mountain bike helmet. Which is really cool. Users who reviewed it found it more comfortable. Mountain bikes are mainly well equipped helmet that are also useful for reducing rotational forces. If you are planning to get one for yourself, some determination must be first made on what the kind of cycling sport you would want to involve yourself into. Bear in mind that different cycling endeavours require different sets of helmets for maximum protection. You would not want to wear a helmet which is intended for a different cycling sport, would you?


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